Barbara Blatter

Running is my favorite sport.
With Beth Boletta I specifically train my weaker and less formed muscles so that I prevent back problems and also make my body as flexible as possible.

Beth challenges me without overstraining me.
Her professionalism gives me safety and trust.

I feel respected and in good hands.

Maria Ulbrich

For years I’ve trained at a fitness studio with no results.
The pounds stayed and even more added on!

Then I started to train with Beth 9 months ago, three times a week for many months.
The success I’ve had can be measured by my dress size and by my physical well-being.

It’s fun to go shopping and show myself in a bikini again and to look in the mirror.
The training continues, now twice a week and the best thing about it is that it makes me happy and proud.

Andrea Blatter

I’ve been training under Beth’s instruction since January 2013.
I was untrained, overweight and already had many health problems.
Changing my nutrition coupled with consistent exercise has entirely changed my body in only a year’s time.
Not only did I lose weight but my overall physical well-being improved 100%.
I have more energy, feel balanced and feel so much better!
If I did this by myself, without instruction from Beth and without the support of my family, this journey would not have been possible for me.

I had to learn that exercise could also be fun!

Brigitte Huber

I found Beth Boletta three years ago shortly before my back surgery.
After a long time of suffering with medicine and many therapies she suggested after a few massages that I develop and structure my back muscles.
After a year of intensive and specific training, my discomfort disappeared and on top of that I was 10 pounds lighter! Since then I’ve continued coming to work out twice a week and I will continue to do so. I am 71 years old and feel good mentally and physically and am excited about my new found quality of life.

I thank Beth for her patience and motivation.
She strengthened my self confidence and I am a “reborn old lady!”

Bettina Dohse

I was training from October 2013 to March 2014.
My life was very restricted due to being overweight and having Lipoedema.
Under Beth’s instruction I changed my nutrition and started exercising.
My weight dropped and my physical discomforts are almost completely gone!

Even though it required effort it was lots of fun and I would do it again.
Thank you

Anne Löffler

Last year I finished a 3 month Individual training program with Beth.
I was and still am thrilled. My body circumference and body fat have been greatly reduced and my body is much more defined.
The personal and individually coordinated training program requires effort but is very effective and rich in variety. Along with the training it is also emphasized that you eat healthy so that you can achieve the desired success together.

I am very happy that I made the choice to start the training program and have been able to profit from Beth’s expert knowledge. Thank you for everything Beth.

Julia Neff

Like many others I started working out at a fitness studio and after a few months I lost my motivation and gave up. Without specific and professional guidance the hope for success never came. With Beth I learned how important it is to specifically define what you want to achieve and then start exercising with a clear and definite training program. It’s also not a secret that nutrition also plays a huge role in reaching and keeping your ideal body, as well as keeping you feeling good. Sadly the idea of healthy and balanced nutrition nowadays has a negative connotation and people often associate it with sacrifice. But with Beth’s personal care and guidance you can have a completely different experience! Whether you want to gain muscle, to change your weight, get more definition, or strengthen a weakness, with Beth’s personal program you will see noticeable and lasting results in strikingly short time.

I personally found it very motivating that the whole “brain work”- when and how often I do what, why and how- was taken care of for me! I just had to take the time and then do it! And that’s how it works… Just do it!